You only have one choice.

"Have you finished it?" "On the contrary, I've just begun."

You ripped me off!

Are you planning on taking Barry with you?

The following was inspired in part by a true story.

They could make no money without trade.

She is so tall!

The employees demurred at working overtime.

Debbie and Juan were horrible parents.

There's nothing to stop us.

I'm busy all the fucking time.

Gordon answered his cell phone.

Even though I decided to hang the laundry outside because the sun was shining, just as I was hanging them, it started to rain.

I want to know how he manages to make such good use of his time.

Maybe we should give them a hand.

He was operated on yesterday.

You need to loosen up a little.

Nou immediately recognized Miek.

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December has thirty-one days.

He exhibited no remorse for his crime.

And then I breathe a sigh from melancholy in being unable to do anything about it.

How are you guys doing?

I can't make out what she said.


You must practice it at regular intervals.

He was happy for a time.

Sriram wondered if it was true.

They took risks.

It doesn't change the facts.

Do you know a better way?

Everyone in the car said they wanted to get out and stretch their legs.

You fooled me.

What a nice friend you are!

I allow myself no sweets.

Sometimes, it feels like the streets are always under construction.

My sister works as a secretary at a bank.

Fuck, what a pity!

We are a family of five.

He wants to go.

Do you know what this box is made of?

My mom found out that I skipped school.

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Robbin built this with his dad.

Let's just meet here.

I never got a chance to say goodbye to Cindie.


You've been very clear about that.

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I'm getting used to doing this.

Arthur was in his early fifties.

Our aim is that, when planning classes, we know how to select stimulating material for the students and how to put it into use.

Look at her move.

It's better to stay in her mother's good graces.


I'm going to grow wheat there.


You'd better be kidding.

Pradeep became irritated by Thierry's silence.

The resolution was not approved immediately.

Someone's shouted my name.

All the girls in Wendell's class like him.

We asked Hanako to play the piano.

Every "why" has its "because".

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What does catachresis mean?

The students presented their teacher with a gold watch.

Let me put it in another way.

Please don't say anything embarrassing.

I want you to meet my sister I spoke of the other day.


He was found hacked to death.

Gentlemen prefer blondes.

Jeffie hates climbing ladders.

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It's what I am.


Black clouds announced the coming thunderstorm.

I'd like a chance to explain why I made this choice.

Who should I say is calling?


The hen has been brooding its eggs for a week.

It took me several hours to translate it.

I want you to come home.


I've never been religious, but hearing the Lord's Prayer in Latin makes me shudder.


What do we have to do?

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Why is everyone laughing?

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Her books sell pretty well.


That's Sergiu's office.

I miss hanging out with you.

I think Siping is obese.


You know that once you are inside, you will never be able to get out.

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She has taken up knitting in her spare time.

I want to work and get ahead on my own efforts.

What ugly hair.


Robert is hardly fit to run a company.

You shouldn't pick your nose in public.

Please call him.

I am studying now.

Andrew pulled the fire alarm.

I have to see him at 2:30.

I've known Nicolas a lot longer than you have.

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They did not feel like playing any more.

It was a church event.

Stay the hell away from him!

I don't care to do it today.

Karen demonstrated how to core an apple.

I'll look into the matter.

Donn did better than I expected.

Deborah and Ross had a nasty argument.

Marlena has plenty of options.


We could do with Hugh's help. Could you work on him a bit?

We were wrong.

London is their second home.

I didn't have to ask, since I already knew the answer.

Ask him to speak louder. He can't be understood.

Clark gave Sanity something to eat.

She stood looking out toward the sea.


Now don't you feel stupid?

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He stopped by my house.

I have studied all day.

I think we got Jarmo's attention.

I'm an unrepentant shopper.

I asked Vaughn what he was doing.

I have a hard time believing you don't have any homework.

When we were on the brink of starvation, they saved our lives.

Once you get used to electronic media, you can no longer do without them.

With flour, milk and an egg, one can bake a cake.

Are there any beaches in Germany?

I cut the paper with a pair of scissors.


She has good control over her class.

Why's it so hot in here?

I take my camera wherever I go.

I'm afraid I won't be able to have lunch with you today.

The cold north wind was roaring outside.

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She doesn't know yet.

That's a good question to ask.

You need a break.

What's your favorite snack food?

I saw at a glance that he was an extraordinary man.

Why can't shape be an intimate attribute of matter?

There are not enough chairs in the meeting room.


All I want out of General McClellan is a victory, and if to hold his horse will bring it, I will gladly hold his horse.

There wasn't one student who was absent.

I'm using the same book as you are.

Why are you acting like you don't know me?

You don't have enough experience.


Now that Tiefenthal is taking proper medication, he should be able to control himself better.

I figured I could trust you.

My date was a disaster.

Give me a hand, will you?

You're still single, aren't you?

Right is right and wrong is wrong.

I decided to write 20 sentences a day on Tatoeba.

They've all gone to see the film.

Take a tissue, your nose is running.

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The escaped prisoners are considered dangerous.

She is Mr. Uda's secretary.

You could've said something.

They call you Indians.

Fish is normally accompanied by white wine.

Vampires live forever.

The villain threatened to defenestrate the hostages.

The flies are buzzing.

Douglas wondered where Prakash had spent her childhood.

Grace used to smoke.

Howard took a picture and sent it to her friend.

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He worked hard, until he fell ill.

Val is quite enthusiastic, isn't he?

I was distressed to see Celia so unhappy.

I think I can get a lot better.

There was a car accident and the traffic didn't move an inch.

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I gave one back.


He felt great sorrow when his wife died.


The boy was shirtless.

Where do you know him from?

He overslept this morning.

I'll make it up to him.

Maria didn't suspect that "Tolerant", her pen-friend, with whom she had been corresponding for months over the Internet and whom she secretly loved, without ever having met him, was actually a super-intelligent squirrel.